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About Matt


Meshing a service-oriented upbringing with experience as a sales professional and life-long athlete; Matt is dedicated to helping coaches, athletes, parents, and teams rethink performance to achieve personal, team, & life goals.

Matt is dedicated to maximizing performance and mental clarity for over 30 years. As a champion athlete, he learned the importance of teamwork and skill development.  In a fifteen-year record-breaking career as a sales director to high-performing teams; he understood clear, actionable goal setting, accountability, and the vital importance of building personal relationships.  With backing from multiple certifications, Matt has succeeded by identifying strengths and opportunities, embracing continual skills training, and establishing honest evaluation standards. 


Matt evaluates every person, team, and organization with a holistic and personalized approach to increasing performance.  By quickly identifying both individual and team strengths and opportunities, we collaboratively develop actionable plans for improvement and measurable results. 

College Athlete

Matt joined the Western Washington University lacrosse team in 1993, and was a member of the undefeated 1994 PNCLL Championship team. After college, Matt joined the Seattle Lacrosse Club whose roots go back to 1923, winning the 1997 PNLA Championship.  In 2003, Matt was recruited into officiating and now is a USLA trainer and observer. Highlights include 2 HS State Championships and numerous Men’s Club Championships. Lacrosse has taken Matt to Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Canada.


Matt’s first priority is to support coaches.  It is their passion and words of encouragement that make a difference in kids lives.  Unfortunately, sometimes coaches have blind spots.  Matt has never seen a coach fail to recognize a better way to connect with their athletes.

Matt took coaching more seriously as his kids grew into adolescence.  He took the field with a whistle and the best of intentions.  Then like most coaches repeated the sin of past, doing what his coaches did.  That changed the day he took the USA Lacrosse level 1 coach clinic.  It was like a light when on and he was forever changed as a coach, father, and person.  He took new found skills to his daughter’s youth basketball team, and then high school lacrosse teams.  Matt excelled and was invited to become a USAL Coach Development Trainer for the PNW.      

The Pivot

After 20 years as a record-setting sales director, Matt is working towards a Master’s in Sports & Performance Psychology, and a CMPC (certified mental performance consultant). By using sports as the metaphor for life.  He wants to help performance-minded individuals and teams learn that performance mastery requires we strive to perform at an always higher level.  Using sports as a metaphor for life, developing strong mental performance skills is an investment that pays out again and again over a lifetime.

Outside of work

Matt's two kids are at West Seattle high and are his #1 priority. He is involved with US Lacrosse as an Official and Coach Development Trainer.  He has been a member of the Seattle Seafair Clowns for over 10 years.  In the summer you can find him training for a century ride. Winters he can be found on the ski slopes.

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